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#61: Completion Consciousness on 23.12.2014

Characteristic of the good is to lead to further and further differentiation and for the better. Evil, however, leads to clumping and to suffering. Therefore, the death of the supreme god is a state of complete positive differentiation, which knows indeed breathing effort, but no suffering. Thus, in order that there is a positive increase, the first worlds are simple and the subsequent higher ones pleasantly complicated and beautiful.

The highest god escapes the boredom of death by a varied experience of the respective many, by forgetting or accepting a simpler form which allows experiencing the creatures. Breaks from alien experience give time for the own experience and vice versa, in which the other side can be experienced and corrections if necessary can be made to have the worlds in accordance with the gods and creatures in order.

Although the substances together may form a different shape, admittedly the shapes, but not the substances can vanish. The shapes are always able to be formed and at least do not vanish potentially, therefore they are updatable. The form-building of the more elegant, better as the not yet been is given at least in the non-conscious repetition as memory gap, if it is not even, more grateful, new.

On the other hand, a knowledge of all this is impossible because it is too comprehensive. It depends on always providing new attractive tasks in the death of the supreme god and to walk the way of reduction if necessary, when the actual boundaries should be achieved. Although the worlds must be maintained by the supreme god, this does not mean that he may be too far away from the creatures.

Especially in the errors occurring at the extremes, it is shown where the most pressing vulnerabilities lie to be repaired, where it does not have to go hand in hand with the complexity. Our world is the best example, where what is in a bad state and where the gods have fallen far short of expectations. It is too cheap to want to unload everything onto the creatures or higher levels of hierarchy. The universe requires ongoing demand.

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