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#24: Extension Reference Theory on 09.10.2010

Being as substance is extended, since it only can be continually imagined and no universe is timeless because of the development. The nothing would be if it were. It does not makes sense to say that it is not or somehow. What would lay between the adjacent being, would be nothing. This nothing is referred to as point, line, plane etc., although this is not correct, since the latter itself belongs to being and therefore extent.

Therefore, it must be carefully distinguished between both referred to, for instance as nothing-entity that is formed by the adjacent, and as being-entity that exists out of itself. As being-entity, a substance belongs to extent in all (!) dimensions so that our world has arbitrarily many dimensions. The substance may therefore be imagined with minimal extension as small any-dimensional sphere.

One cannot build a circle from units of space around nothing, so that a hole emerges. Exchanger can exchange a substance through the nothing by doing this with the equivalent of space, which belongs to being, and the substance. In this manner, it is possible that, for example, light can spread in vacuum. An exchanger brings about the exchange substantially as substance by reference to that to be exchanged.

The refinement of the exchangers allows finer and finer exchanges. In certain discrete worlds, there are refinement limits that can only be undercut with the aid of L while ze exchanges the exchangers. While maintaining the proportionality of length and time, velocities are no problem, if one makes everything smaller and smaller. Communication with L requires that information is exchanged instantaneously via remote references.

By colliding two spatial substances with sufficient force, they can be broken down into finer and finer parts, since the cohesive forces must act from within and can be overcome if they act at all. The immaterial world is far more comprehensive than the material one, since matter obeys restricting laws, which are hindering on the immaterial level. It is the true realm of L.

At the beginning, the universe consisted only of (pairwise) different substances whose number corresponded to a natural number. The first and only exchanger generated by division, as a form of exchange, more ones, and so more substances could be divided. This created time and space, which were present in each case as infinite-dimensional undivided substance unit from the beginning - as is also true for all other substances.

The entire universe consists exclusively of substances, the many yet not only from uniform unspecific substantial units, but from multiply existing substances to form ontologically correctly (individual) wholes. The evolution of the universe is a temporal layering of the (duplicated) expanding space, with removing the dispensable and completing the necessary substances.

Here the many flows from the potential of L. This represents as useful recording no disproportionate effort, since L can draw on unlimited resources and use the past many newly at reasonable intervals. General time prevails, the perception of the creatures, however, is individual (time). The creatures can change the rules according to the divine order, which L has determined at zis discretion.

L has to vindicate zerself before any living entity, if this wishes this. Every living entity has the right to participate in the shaping of the divine order. The highest decisions remain reserved to L, since there is no living entity that makes better decisions, or knows more than L resp. reaches the ultimate superiority of zer. This is due to the more comprehensive size of the L-world, which is partly only accessible for L.

Each many consists of an infinite number of subunits, which can be imagined as any-dimensional spheres that contain again any-dimensional subunits of principally the same construction. What we hold, as with the time, for such a dimension is, in fact, also any-dimensional, only that the other dimensions, except the main dimension, are vanishingly small and first noticeable with the corresponding division.

The substantial scaling means a more or less of the many of the corresponding substance or of several ones. The latter is the case with sounds and noises, the former with the mass. Hence the many is scaled, while the substance referred to it determines the manifestation of the scaling. The perception includes an individual scaling, according to the individual requirements of a living entity to increase profitably the diversity.

Our universe is a perpetuum mobile and an open system, in which information continuously increases. Everything is possible in it that pleases L, but not everything that does not please zer. The elementary exchanger is an auxiliary concept, since in reality nothing is exchanged, but everything emerges newly resp. flows from the potential of L. This model is, because of its storage function, superior to one with persevering substances.

We need not be afraid of the heat death, since new perspectives will open up to life in the course of its development that the previous theories have not taken into account. Life is neither dependent on matter nor on the laws of previous physics. In our universe and the subsequent worlds, everything is there what a happy and fulfilling life needs. It needs only to bethink of L in order that this will become clear to it.

© 09.10.2010 by Boris Haase

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