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Amfon:third substance, to which thoughts and matter are tied for exchange purposes.


Body of a living entity:the entirety of the material substances, referred to each other, of that living entity.


Circle, deterministic:change between deterministic determination according to the divine order and indeterministic phases, in which the creature can determine itself.
Clare:programming language (coding language after rule environment), capable of learning (by adding rules and meta-rules), which has activatable (self-) optimisation algorithms.
Consciousness:1. the part of the mind that a living entity can directly access at a particular point in time by reference,
2. the (passive) state in which we become aware of the entirety of that what is actual for us, the content of consciousness, by presenting itself to us, so is coming in us into being.
Continuum, finite:gapless finite total of entities which are linked by references.
Cuboid scheme:assignment of numbers to the set of natural numbers per dimension.


Democracy, qualified:democracy form, in which decision makers must qualify, in order to be able to make then politics according to their qualification.
Dihairesis:progressing fragmentation of a term in its components of meaning, until only still substance terms remain.
Don:ambisexual nominative and accusative form of the article for der/den resp. die.
Dor:ambisexual genitive and dative form of the article for des/dem resp. der.
Doren:ambisexual genitive form of the relative pronoun for dessen/deren.


Earthday:working day inserted between Sunday and Monday.


Fonto:font developed by me for the International Phonetic Alphabet.


ID:identification number assigned uniquely to every person.


Label:referred to of a distinguished.
Lango:planned language developed by me whose vocabulary is determined democratically.
Lept:eighth part of an oct, 64th part of a day.


Mind:generally the process, initiated by an entity, of linking immaterial substances and references. In particular, it comprises only the more complex links.


Number:selecting marking of the many and construction from it.


Oct:eighth part of a day.
On:1. ambisexual nominative and accusative suffix for adjectives, substantives, pronouns and the indefinite article and for -mann resp. -frau,
2. ambisexual indefinite pronoun for man.
Onen:ambisexual plural suffix for substantives.
Or:ambisexual genitive and dative suffix for adjectives, substantives, pronouns and the indefinite article.
Orbital:meaning environment of a term.


Reference:special substance, which interlinks the substances.
Reference theory:philosophical doctrine, which is based on substances and references.


Signature:electronic equivalent to the manual signature.
Soul:the mind and the results of the mental processes of an entity.
Stair:programming concept for development environments that stands for standardised transformation after individual rules.
Strap:multifunction device with diverse functions of the new media.
Subconsciousness:the sub-processes of the mind that are beyond the direct access of the living entity.
Substance:entity which cannot be divided analytically anymore (examples, to which substances are assigned: space, time, the one, the must).


URL, generic:URL which contains wildcards.


World:closed total which is accessible for a subject during a period.


Ze:ambisexual subjective form of the personal pronoun for he/she.
Zer:ambisexual objective form of the personal pronoun for him/her.
Zerself:ambisexual reflexive form of the personal pronoun for himself/herself.
Zie:ambisexual nominative form of the personal pronoun for er/sie.
Zihn:ambisexual accusative form of the personal pronoun for ihn/sie.
Zihr:ambisexual dative form of the personal pronoun for ihm/ihr and beginning of the corresponding possessive pronoun for sein/ihr.
Zihrer:ambisexual genitive form of the personal pronoun for seiner/ihrer.
Zis:ambisexual possessive form of the personal pronoun for his/her(s).

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