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01.07.2018: Publishing the sixth edition of "Nonstandard Mathematics".
02.07.2017: Publishing the fifth edition of "Nonstandard Mathematics".
01.07.2016: Publishing the fourth edition of "Nonstandard Mathematics".
21.06.2015: Publishing the third edition of "Nonstandard Mathematics".
20.12.2014: Publishing the second edition of "Nonstandard Mathematics".
17.08.2014: Appearance of the publication "Nonstandard Mathematics".
21.04.2014: Description of the true character of the gods.
20.08.2013: Warning mankind of the future.
02.06.2013: Riemann zeta function determined for all natural arguments.
24.02.2013: Strongly polynomial normal method presented.
14.01.2013: Terms of openness and closure of sets refuted.
25.11.2012: Proposition concerning the simplex method proved.
12.06.2012: Riemann hypothesis disenchanted.
20.10.2011: Publication of the e-book "Relil - Religion und Lebensweg".
25.09.2011: Presenting the idea of radio computing.
13.02.2011: Presentation of the programming concept Stair.
07.12.2010: Definition and localisation of consciousness.
12.11.2010: Challenge of several axioms of the Euclidean geometry.
05.11.2010: Depiction that the right measure and world view are necessary.
09.10.2010: Evidence that each being-entity is infinite-dimensional and can be imagined from arbitrarily small as any-dimensional spheres.
11.09.2010: Proof of the theoretical equivalence and infinity of all worlds and the previous finiteness of our world.
30.05.2010: Redefinition of the complex and real numbers.
11.04.2010: Elucidation of fast indexing and of searching in O(1).
21.03.2010: Presentation of the sorting procedure bitsort.
13.03.2010: Calculation of the period of the ellipse pendulum.
07.03.2010: Solution of the mind-body, qualia, determinism and causality problem.
16.01.2010: Proof of the minimax-proposition for sets.
27.12.2009: Description of the knowledge representation.
23.11.2009: Presentation of two models of the universe.
03.09.2009: Mathematical results improved and extended.
24.05.2009: Numbers of algebraic numbers now proved.
11.01.2009: Sensational breakthrough in the field of transcendental numbers achieved.
15.10.2008: Ambisexuality established and English translation improved.
28.09.2008: I solve the problem of the ambisexual personal pronoun in the third person singular.
24.08.2008: I consider how God solves optimisation problems.
20.06.2008: I consider how knowledge is stored.
06.04.2008: I consider details to the qualified democracy.
01.12.2007: I convert the homepage into PHP and MySQL.
06.11.2007: I build the font fonto.ttf.
16.09.2007: I consider new letters to the International Phonetic Alphabet.
09.09.2007: I read "Mind Time" by Benjamin Libet.
19.08.2007: I consider n-dimensional letters.
29.07.2007: I consider further issues about the multidimensional time.
17.06.2007: I improve further details of the planned language.
05.05.2007: I consider the application of the octal principle to the planned language.
01.05.2007: I consider the grammar for verbs.

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