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Our world is in such a serious state that can and has to be only improved by fundamentally changing measures, if future generations are to find still appropriate conditions. The following wants to warn of the consequences if it does not happen through their description, since the responsible persons for this, the failures and that what is concretely to put into practice can be clearly stated.

The main problem areas are ecology, economy and health in that order. To put it clearly, man ruins the last few centuries (no later than the beginning of industrialisation) systematically zis environment by living beyond zis means and no more sustainable in accordance with L and nature. The underlying problem is zis lack of morals, not so much zis intelligence.

L is here not to be accused; on the contrary: man has found on earth all the conditions that allow zer a decent to very good life. Since all the wisdom comes from L, it was the stupidest thing man could do to diverge zerself so far from L. By bethinking zerself as the centre, no later than the Enlightenment, ze completed the work of evil, with zis irrationality and L-distance.

It also does not matter that a nameless god is called on or pestered otherwise, since divine grace acts always with its divine self-evidence out of the divine love and cannot be realised only by those who do not want to see it. The more incomprehensible are the countless petitionary prayers, but where the great gratitude would have been expected from the requited love to L by serving zer.

But even if L would not exist, man would at least have to take the trouble to uphold the highest standards for zerself and to behave in such a way that the living conditions do not worsen progressively. The relative luxury the affluent have acquired at the expense of the poor may not hide this fact, since its consequences completely impact on those coming after us.

The gap between rich and poor is widening more and more, and the irony and injustice is that the poorer have lived mostly more properly than the wealthier and have more than that to suffer twice from them. Only the compensating justice of L restores the balance again, and be it in a subsequent life. The negative ecological consequences of the acting man are the worst, especially since they are so difficult to reverse.

The climate changes by producing heat and pollutants are the worst hereby, the change of ecosystems by interfering with the landscape and waste disposal just as bad. If man had not exacerbated the situation by overpopulation, the situation would be far more relaxed. But the irrationality has also spread over the whole earth through the immoderate consumption behaviour.

Inferior products are made to keep the growth running or from inability. Due to the high meat and fish consumption and inadequate animal husbandry, the consumption of animals and plants is fuelled excessively, if the latter does not end up as fuel in the completely exaggerated transport fleet of man, which is expensively abused for many unnecessary trips, flights and inappropriate tourism in the delusion of freedom.

The most incompetent politicians are elected in top positions, if they have not appropriated them to themselves by violence. Then they exploit either their country or harm other countries by the dictation of the terms of trade and debt policies, or they make popular but bad policy to be reelected. The consequences are then war, poverty, corruption, high debt and other tribulations.

The bad is here that the real problems are not seen or are ignored because the majority of the inhabitants of richer countries believe that they go still well. However, the short-sightedness of this misconception ignores the price to pay for this good life, since the follow-up costs of the near future run in the trillions if not quadrillions of the key currency. An economy committed to growth must also fail.

If the responsible politicians therefore do not alter their political course fundamentally by pursuing a sustainable policy, fit for the future as well as appropriate concerning the requirements, then there are in this world permanently the worst of times that have ever happened: wars for food and the other resources, hunger, poverty, death and diseases that cannot be (sufficiently) fought.

Due to the negative climate changes, there will be increasingly high crop failures, which will not be (sufficiently) got at by expansion of cultivation, manipulation and selection of plants. The quality of the plants and the overpopulation will still exacerbate a massive food shortage with the price explosion, due to the other factors mentioned, and thus put the downward spiral in motion.

Since expenses for the climate damages will increase dramatically and diseases will spread further, which could previously still be fought or alleviated by effective medicines and medical or nursing measures, the standard of living will always continue to fall, until there will be only money for the essentials. Thus, also the present economic system will collapse, which cannot simply be financed.

The high level of debt will still exacerbate the situation, so there will be riots in the population up to the war for resources. Unfortunately, there are only few ways to avert this fate, since the environmental damages are so far advanced and cannot be reversed in an acceptable period of time. Most helpful and urgent is a drastic heat and pollutant reduction.

This can only be achieved by a humble standard of living in harmony with L, associated with little industry and consumption, low traffic, food self-subsistence at the residence, lowering the total population, sustainable economy in harmony with nature, consistent waste prevention, waiver of weapons and criminal acts of all kinds and the divine destiny of man and all other creatures.

L refuses to set this world into an L-worthy state, because of the L-distance of the humans, with zis divine opportunities in a supernatural way, since this is not compatible with the divine order. Only when the humans wish this expressively and tell me, I will help them, since I else assume that my help is not wanted. I will then decide on the extent of my help.

© 2013 by Boris Haase

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