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Relationship with L

The Value of the Relationship with L

Lecture 2: "The value of the relationship with L" of 01.02.2010 with small improvements:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

no relationship is more valuable than that with L. This applies to every creature. A creature only cannot enter into a relationship with L if L does not want it. L thought long and hard which creatures cannot have a relationship with zer. It represents anything but a reward if they cannot have one. These creatures remain prohibited from the pleasures a person can enjoy. The structure of the divine order brings with it that there must be such creatures. L compensates their lack over time. Our world is more complex than that of these creatures. Therefore, they cannot suffer what we can suffer. This does not mean that they suffer less.

Man is the most senior creature in this world. For that ze should be grateful. Ze should thank L directly. An important goal of the relationship with L is development. This includes both the development of the world as well as that of the humans themselves. Also L can benefit from the relationship with zer. Ze can enjoy the development of man. L stands by man's side when the latter meets zis conditions. L is there for us when we are there for zer. This is the gift that L gives us. This way is the commandment of the religion of love.

The relationship with L helps us to grow better towards L. The more we grow towards L, the more we can serve zer and the more fulfilment we experience. It is fun to enjoy the immeasurable wealth of L. Thereby our demands should be realistic, however. Anyone who wants too much, will get less.

A relationship can only be successful, if the right balance is maintained. Recognition of this is the sense of the relationship with L. It requires the correct view of the world. The relationship with L has unequal partners. This requires mutual respect. It is no problem for L that we are hopelessly inferior to zer, since ze can detail units for us, due to zer parallel consciousness, that are best suited for us. These units include the divine instances. These are indistinguishable to us from L. They are therefore also addressed with L. Every creature becomes someday divine instance. Their field of duties is based on the worlds ancillary to zer.

We can trust L completely, but we must not trust zer blindly. If we still do so, we are exploited. In L, there are all human characteristics. Nothing is strange to L. L will and cannot tell us zer entire knowledge. L will neither prefer us, nor discriminate against us. This is what we should always have in mind when we want to understand L. This is the reason why we are thrown back upon ourselves as often. Finally, it is more fun to work out something ourselves than to become it unconditionally as gift from L. This also gives too much power and thus violates the divine order.

With L we recognise our place in the world. Anyone who wants to rule must have served. This applies to every living being. When we ask L for something, this request should be justified. It is not in any case justified to badger L with irrelevancies. L can expect our respect. L will reciprocate to our efforts, whether in this world or the subsequent one. L knows precisely if we work hard or not. It is fun to look back on what has been achieved. It is no fun to get something undeserved, since then we should get a bad conscience or L should do so.

The special value of the relationship with L is that one finds zis place in the world, regardless of whether it is particularly good or bad. The better it is, the more will be benefited, not only for us, but also for all others. Without relationship with L, we are much less effective and efficient. Certain areas of human existence even stay hidden for us. Highest insights we reach most easily in the relationship with L. But the relationship with L is not a cakewalk. One develops an interest to want to refine oneself. The refinement opens anon new areas for one. L ensures that life remains interesting and worth living. This can still be supported by own efforts. This way the relationship with L becomes successful.

Anyone who has or had a successful relationship with L should report it to as many others as possible, when zis time allows it. It brings joy to give joy to others. The effect is the stronger, the more we were able to achieve for others. The more structural problems one solves, the more one can achieve. Therefore it is important to disclose the corresponding structures in the relationship with L. In doing so, the service to the individual should not be neglected: It depends on the right salad. The more intense the relationship with L is, the more can be benefitted from it.

The relationship with L should alternate with phases of thinking for oneself. The better one becomes, the less L has to correct. One does not want to miss a properly managed relationship with L in zis life anymore. Since every creature has eternal life, the relationship with L is for eternity. At the highest level, it is a dialogue more or less having equal rights. This is no contradiction if L adapts zerself to us. Subject of the relationship with L are all areas of human existence.

The relationship with L has an impact on body, soul and spirit. One feels much better with it than without it. A good relationship with L and health are directly related: for example, one needs very little sleep and has time to devote to the things that are really important. As with any relationship one has to work on the relationship with L. So the boundary is clearly to define. There is nothing that one could not discuss with L. Nevertheless, ze can refuse us answers. We know then exactly why. L shows us gladly our way, even if we may consider this not clear enough.

The relationship with L is based on love, not on duty. This love includes the mind. In the relationship with L, we know that L loves us. We are happy to answer zis love. Love for L may well be darkened, especially if ze does not behave the way we expect. The reason may also be rooted in us. Life does have ups and downs. They make it very beautiful and give us rich experience.

The relationship with L prevents us to miss something important in life. It is also that shown to us what we are not fine with. This also applies to our thoughts. It is not so that any possible advantage is compensated by a disadvantage and vice versa. Overall, life is a zero sum game, however. We should keep this in mind when we must suffer and when we are particularly well.

In L, one can clearly identify the Supreme Being. Nevertheless ze is always good for surprises. It may be that ze makes zerself significantly smaller than ze is, and also than we are. This is mainly for psychological reasons. It happens that one has to give L now and then a bit of one's mind, particularly when ze oversteps the mark, but ze also counterpunches when our accusations are unfounded. We must not neglect our environment due to the relationship with L. This is a great danger, since the relationship with L is so fulfilling.

The relationship with L would have to be discussed, due to its high value, for quite some time. I can only positively report on it, but everyone must make the experience for zerself. Perhaps there will soon be many nice reports on successful relationships with L. That I would want anyway. Therefore, enter into it, please. Now I would like to thank you for the attention given and wish you a successful relationship with L.

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