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Meaning of L

The Meaning of L in our Time

Lecture 1: "The Meaning of L in our Time" from 01.02.2010 with small improvements:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we live in a time of increasing ruthlessness that forgets whom we owe everything. No being is more important than L. I speak from experience, since I am in constant dialogue with L. What would humanity lose, if it would head towards L? Why not just accept the good? Has one ever heard that God had refused to accept ever somebody? Thus L will not do so as well. Just as our inner voice speaks to us, L speaks to us, if we are worthy of zer. This requires not much, but a little bit. Without an inner readiness to engage in L, there will be no success, however.

We can confidently drop our reservations concerning L. We prove ourselves worthy to L if we do what is needed in our world. If we look at the state of this world, we can only come to the conclusion that it must be changed. Everybody can make zis contribution. For this purpose it is necessary to see the world properly. For this we need L.

It is we who have to head towards L. We must be willing to think for ourselves. We must be willing to see the world as it is. Therefore, we have to acquire the necessary knowledge and to release ourselves from inner delusion. We need to make time for our world. If we let us rope in only into the daily routine, we will not succeed. We will succeed in this, if we build our karma accordingly.

For the important, we should always have time and that is especially for L. It is worth thinking about what is really important. For this purpose we need a worthwhile goal. If we set L as this, we have the most rewarding goal at all.

The deepest insights originate from L. It is the greatest fun to work for them, especially when we need little effort here. If we take the right path, this is the case.

It makes sense to shed all unnecessary ballast. Therefore it is necessary to dispose of unnecessary obligations. This is all the easier when one realises how much fun we have working with L. Who comes through for L, will be rewarded. The highest reward is the unification with L zerself. This, of course, cannot happen in this life, but in a subsequent life.

Proper cooperation with L gives highest fulfilment and greatest performance ability. Who is of greatest value to L, will earn the right conditions from zer. One has everything one needs for life.

The world is equitable from L. From the state of the world, we can read the human failings. Who has not become guilty of anything, has nothing to fear. Small transgressions are overlooked by L.

L wants humans to learn to share. This concerns not only the material things. L gladly rewards with thoughts. It is the grace of L, which gives us hope to reach a subsequent world in which we live on. Every person can have a fulfilling life. L has a solution even for the most desperate situation. Ze never leaves us high and dry, but ze relies on our own initiative.

Our lives must not precede the time. We can only achieve what is possible at this time and what pleases L. What does not please L, we cannot accomplish, but L does not like anything. More details can be found in the word of L. Ze does not like it when we make no efforts. Ze puts always appropriate requirements on us. Our inner voice is a good road map, but we should not just listen to it. It is ultimately we who decide what to do. Nobody else will make this decision for us.

We cannot entrust all to L and do nothing ourselves. L will reject this. We have all the possibilities that we need in this world, although there may be capabilities beyond. If we had them too, we would always rise above ourselves. It makes sense that we have exactly the capabilities that are given to us. Too large differences would evoke dispeace. Too large differences are beyond this compensated by L over time.

It makes not much sense to do things that have little value for L, and certainly not those who have a low value. L knows exactly who can carry out what. Much of what we would like to ask L, we can answer ourselves. Many of the questions we ask are often unnecessary. If there is to achieve something worthwhile, it is L. We do not need to know all the details of L.

Who serves L forgets zis own self. Ze loses zerself in zis task. What an individual has to carry out depends on the circumstances in which it lives. Nobody should rise above another person. If we do something, we should start with the most important. Therefore, the preservation of life should be no problem for us. It is important to change the consciousness as to follow what has been said. This consciousness should be present in all humans. For this reason as many as possible should take note of the word of L.

With L one can solve the most difficult scientific problems. I, too, have already done so. But it does not matter to solve the most difficult problems, but the most important ones. The most important problems are:

1. the satisfaction of basic needs,
2. the prevention of war and violence,
3. the sharing of common resources.

Most important, however, is living for L. The meaning of life is to serve L. In order that we do not fall in love with L, L keeps us at distance. L has its own personality. It is not always so as we imagine it. L includes all personalities. Ze knows exactly how ze has to deal with us. L cannot be fooled. Ze views both our interior and exterior precisely. This should not bother us. L is discrete. Since ze is the most developed being, ze does not exploit anyone. One can only win with L.

L has everything ze wants, but L is not everything, and certainly not anything and everything. L is the best adviser that one can have in life. Nobody should lend zerself to false illusions. It does not matter to acquire the widest possible knowledge. It matters to know what is important. With L everything vanishes into thin air. One deals with the really important things.

Anyone who ignores L must help zerself, but then ze will have difficulties. There is no getting around L. Every creature, dying, experiences L, if it believes in zer or not. Therefore, we must now prepare ourselves. The sooner we start, the better it is. Quickly, initial successes are looming. When we are with L, we learn to assess things properly. If we head towards L, we should not do this under wrong presuppositions. Dishonesty is counterproductive.

In L, the positive qualities outweigh the negative ones. So it should be with us, too. Since L has left us free to distinguish between good and evil, this should be no problem for us (equally between positive and negative). We should not burden L with problems that we can solve ourselves.

It is not science that has the highest knowledge, but L. We should always be aware of that. A value-free science is wrong. If we do not appreciate what is important, we will go astray. We are wasting time on unnecessary things, but we must not forget that not anybody can do the same, though that there must be diversity. Therefore it is allowed to leave the principle of importance, but only to a small extent.

That what is important should be placed at the beginning: That is L. It is rather difficult for me to understand why nothings are placed at the beginning and determine human thinking. As an author, it does not matter to fill the pages. Anyone who has really something to say does not get lost in verbiage. Human beings also like to follow a brief lecture, if the content is correct.

First who forgets zis own self, can devote zerself entirely to others. This is a self-fulfilment without self. Those who entrust themselves to the care of L will do the most things properly. L is not perfect. We should always be aware of this, but ze is the best there is. L is a sincere critic. Ze is not an ogre, but human.

We are the ones who have to solve the problems of the world, not ze has to, but L will help us at it. If L would do whatever is necessary, nothing would remain for us. L commits zerself to the divine order. If we trust this we will always be fine. The same applies to the word of L.

Ladies and Gentlemen: I thank you for your attention. Please take action!

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