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Boris Haase

About me

1964 in Kiel

Cranachstr. 4, D-63452 Hanau

Management assistant in data processing (IHK)

Mathematics (minor subject informatics) and philosophy (minor subjects political science and sociology) at the universities TU Clausthal, U Göttingen and FU Hagen

Place of employment:
Clinical centre Hanau

L, mathematics, internet, cinema and fitness

Amnesty International Group Hanau and German Mathematical Association

Social network services:
Academia.edu and ResearchGate

Largest existing misfortune:
Unjustness in the world

Favourite residence:

Perfect luck:
To be with L

Most excusable defect:

Favourite person:
Leonhard Euler

Adolf Hitler

Male favourite characteristic:

Female favourite characteristic:

Favourite virtue:

Favourite activity:
Solving real problems

Favourite occupation:

Main characteristic:

Favourite characteristic of the friends:

Largest own defect:
Pushing the boundary

Dream of the luck:
Finding fulfilment

Largest theoretical misfortune:
Non-existence of L

Missing characteristic:
Adeptness in dealing with others

Favourite colour:

Favourite object:

Largest defect of others:

Best reform:
Charter of the human rights

Most missing natural gift:
Mixing well

Wish to die:
Free at last

Present state of mind:

Decide for you.

Your mission protects you.

Man becomes immortal. Ze is not any more in zis traditional shell but forms a unit with a supercomputer. The diseases are vanquished. There are at the most still disturbances. The metabolism of man is in line with each environment - also hostile ones like other planets. Ze uses current skilfully. Ze integrates all positive substances of the reference theory. Ze communicates telepathically and controls the telepathy.

Humans possess approximately the same intelligence since they need this for an equivalent survival. Death is vanquished: Nobody becomes old. Tolerance is very important since wanting A can have equivalent reasons in relation to not A. Animals and plants are integrated in the metabolic politics and optimisation. There is a large religion into that all different can be translated. With the language it is similar.

Humans create themselves virtual spaces. The virtual spaces can use more dimensions than the existing in nature. For this purpose, man must be able to combine matter arbitrarily. Ze can build as many references as ze can use matter. The construction of arbitrary references lets zer surmount arbitrary distances. Ze creates own time axes in that the time can proceed with other speeds.

There is a uniform, central controlled human policy. The poverty is vanquished, the differences between poor and rich also as far as possible. Wars do not take place since there is nothing that is worth to fight for. The problem of the overpopulation is solved. The human reproduction can take place also on non-sexual way. The genes are so far decoded that no unmeant manipulation can take place.

True democracy prevails. Each human is involved after its qualifications in everything. Everyone can qualify zerself for everything - completely after his notions. There is only one economic system and one currency.

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