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The contents of the religion of love are described in the e-book Relil - Religion und Lebensweg and on www.relil.de. Since this contains not so sustainable statements, I distance myself from it.

There is for all creatures a life in a subsequent world after their death, since a final death, given the size and diversity of the universe, is inappropriate. However, this is impugned by the voices that impersonate (the community of) gods towards me. In turn, there is at most a willingness to grant this based on individual merits, if at all. But this is in equity terms, and given the size of the universe, inacceptable.

Reasons are given by them with insults and arrogant self-aggrandisement, which I have not yet found among humans. Allegedly, this problem pervades until the highest L. However, since the voices do not flinch from any lie and violations of divine and natural law , discussions are rather fruitless, especially since they even do not back off from menaces (of death and torture), commands to perform certain actions up to murder and extortion. They have even more the impudent exorbitancy, in view of the situation in the world, to believe to be able to coerce me to compose music.

These violations can occur, for example as chicanes at my workplace by stringing out artificially my working time by supernatural changes of files or prohibiting equally the correct functioning of computer programs. I was even put into worlds in which displays were manipulated and humans behaved unnaturally. So even my letters were intercepted and letters to me manipulated. The manipulations extended even to my thoughts and my inner voice, so that I was no longer myself.

It was stated as justification of this approach that a person does not count anything (!) for and against a god. It is precisely this attitude that answers the question of theodicy and explains the suffering and injustice in the world. The (community of) gods admit to take a liking to the evil and are not willing to provide an adequate improvement in the overall situation, even less better or higher developed creatures or an exemplary divine order on earth.

Who takes a critical look at the (historical) course of development on earth can only come to the conclusion that the gods have failed here crucially, which they even admit without being willing to an immediate profound change. This culminates in even the outrageous assertion to be not able to do this. However, also the humans are unable to do so because of the framework set by the gods.

It was conceded that the responsible divine instance for this world and the divine level above were brought to account over it. However, consequences are not apparent in our world. The debt is primarily given to the humans who now obtain what they deserve allegedly. The predominant misbehaviour of the human responsible persons, for example by irresponsible immoderateness where it is possible is undeniable and still occurs, although also other humans like clear-sighted scientists warn(ed) them.

If the leading creature of this world, however, would have been higher developed from the beginning and the morals better, problems of today would not even have occurred. There are such things as divine grace and benefits, which I also experienced to a greater extent by privileges like e.g. political and cinematic success, as well as author and comprehensive health and communication care beyond that to be suspected. However, this does not hide the fact of an inacceptable overall situation, which will lead over the next few years into a global environmental disaster with much suffering, dead and wars.

A Messiah who could do something about it will receive neither the necessary support by the gods, nor by the humans, since both sides are not interested in it. Moreover, this is the most thankless task at all and an unreasonable demand that no person can meet, given the predictable behaviour of the humans, since the renunciation of humanity to be demanded will be rejected or the insight into the necessities will be lacking.

I can understand if the gods are disappointed by the humans, but the converse I can understand as well. If it was up to me, this world would simply not exist, since I would create the world so that no side would be reproached. Those persons who present themselves to me as gods equally do not deserve this term as this world can be labelled as divine (-ly justifiable). That I can say this at all, I owe only my own efforts to develop appropriate solutions for the problems of both gods and creatures.

The former, however, have complained about the interference in divine matters, although any analysis of mine, of the information available to me, demanded it uniquely morally. For a deceit about the true conditions would be morally reprehensible as well. It is inacceptable if the divine side takes a liking as done to this extent in evil, not only for the creatures, since they do zerselves no service by this.

It raised the question whether the highest L has all zis worlds in the universe in order. Although this world is speaking clearly against this, since the question what guilt many creatures have incurred to deserve it that way cannot be answered acceptable, since a being capable of self-reflexion, with conception of God, cannot be created much simpler than a human being, and what guilt should it have for this result?

There may be constructs that make this world appear still acceptable according to the highest divine standards, for example, if the divine grace lets experience only the acceptable, and the inacceptable only to the outside, but the creatures of this world deserve better than that only seemingly bad, and on no account gods of this world that believe to be allowed to call zerselves literally as arseholes(!). No wonder that with this attitude, the religious writings of this world became so inadequate, since they apparently do almost not care what we read there and whether this has a sound grasp of contemporary developments compared with other writings.

They love it especially to be stuck for substantive answers and grumble about to have to assemble deceased creatures again. I am neither ashamed by this nor the other orders I have given them to mitigate the suffering in the world. Because I have realised as they did that their options are limited to harm me anyway, no matter how great each risk was that I took. For they know allegedly only five world levels and I do many more.

Also they have difficulties to cope with my argumentation, no matter what constellations they untruthfully impute and how much they reduce me in communicating with humans or wipe the floor physically with me. The insufficient divine presence in this world is and has been corrected positively through my efforts. The activities required for this purpose are summarised under the name religion of love. The divine instance of this world is addressed with L, since God as a generic name is also inappropriate.

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