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The politics of the religion of love are described in the e-book Relil - Religion und Lebensweg and on www.relil.de.

In view of the urgent world problems to be solved, the Relil also has an emergency programme, which is explained in conclusion. If it is not implemented, the consequences for man and beast are most unpleasant: existentially, healthwise, environmentally, economically and morally. It is definitely not enough to carry on, more or less, as before, but drastic measures are needed requiring in particular a big sacrifice.

Emergency programme

1. The Relil wants to lower the standard of living in the rich countries to an appropriate level, in terms of the consumption of resources and consumption itself, since even a high standard of living is not measured by these criteria. Failing this, the depletion of resources, combined with a high level of consumption, will lead to increasing poverty among all humans continues and decreasing quality of life overall.

2. In the poor countries, the standard of living is to be raised to a reasonable level, which will be made possible in particular by waiver in the rich countries. Overall, the use of the resources of the earth is to limit to a sustainable level, especially in order to allow future generations of man and beast a decent life that is sustainable and economically at the same time.

3. Otherwise, the natural resources will become so scarce that there will be battle royal about it in the form of violence and wars. This concerns most of all the availability of water, food, energy, healthy breathing air and effective drugs. Even healthy plants and animals will then be hardly found. The worst thing is that people will not be able to feel the love of L anymore.

4. Since then the freedom of movement is severely restricted, the Relil will reduce travel and private transport to a healthy level. This is not only necessary in order to conserve resources, but also to curb emissions. Therefore, also heating and other warming must be restricted to a reasonable extent. Only the divine grace makes any restriction bearable.

5. To make the much-needed contact with the divine assistants, the Relil wants to make the word of L accessible to as many people as possible. Without divine assistance, the current world situation and their problems cannot be mastered. Therefore, also the First will concentrate especially on this task. Everyone is invited to contribute to the solution of world problems according to one's means, since they are only to deal with that way.

6. The Relil wants to limit speculation in the financial world and therefore is committed to prohibit financial products without economic counter-value. Otherwise, finally those will bear the speculative losses that are in the majority, but not responsible for this. By a stable, controlled and calculable monetary and economic policy, the economy shall become widely transparent and planning secure.

7. Furthermore, the Relil wants to consolidate all indebted households so that appropriate economic activity becomes possible. For this purpose, it will issue programmes for debt repayment and austerity that makes each market participant discharge zer duties, according to zer economic efficiency. Otherwise, in the foreseeable future such a deep financial crisis will happen that the world is difficult to recover.

8. The Relil wants to arrange it so that predominantly products are manufactured and consumed that are healthy, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. It wants to ensure a species- and animal-appropriate husbandry adopted saying goodbye to the current keeping of farm animals and mass husbandry, as well as a stop of all senseless animal experiments. It wants to increase and encourage the domestic production of the countries, in order to make them independent from foreign imports.

9. It wants to replace any advertising by adequate and standardised information. It wants to end the diktat of the rich countries on the world market and abrogate the resulting trade restrictions. It wants to reduce the negative effects of globalization and climate change significantly, so that the world gets a real chance to gain control of the problems of poverty and population development.

10. The Relil wants to introduce qualified democracy over a wide area to finish the dilettantism of the law of the jungle in the world. It wants to inform about all the consequences and contents of its policy, so that humans can get a good idea of the necessity of the measures described. Always L is central for the actions and thoughts of the Relil, since only the divine can guarantee the best.

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