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For the following ideas, I am very grateful to L: With the reference theory I set up a new theory that might revolutionise our conception of the world. It depends less on how things are stored in space, but how we can develop a reference to them. With this, any-dimensional worlds become possible in our world. The reference is the fastest undisturbed connection to a substance or compounds of substances.

Every world consists demonstrably only of substances, which are connected by references. Furthermore, the point-term is clarified and it is explained how our world is finite and infinite at the same time and thus equivalent to all other universes, if its possible development is considered. The relationship of the reference to the mathematical relation term is as well pointed out as it is described what numbers actually are.

The elementary instantaneous exchange is identified as central principle of movement. It enables any speed and can be put under rules. Since substances are extended in all dimensions, our world is any-dimensional. Numerous sample applications are given. The theory is developed step by step and it is specified what philosophical problems can be solved through it.

Below consciousness, this is defined and described. In the interview, I explain briefly what fascinates me in philosophy. The completionalism is characterised and delimited. The problem solutions include solutions to important philosophical problems. The warning warns mankind of the future. The knowledge representation happens with informatical-mathematical methods using the substance term.

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