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Font Fonto

Font Fonto

To the International Phonetic Alphabet, there is in the future an own new font: fonto.ttf. Thus, the language of the future can be formed in such a way that each sound corresponds to a letter and vice versa. There are uniform letters: one does not distinguish between upper and lower case. All letters are horizontal symmetrical and have two heights. Similar sounds are in principle also similarly written.

The more seldom vowels get, compared to the more frequent vowels, one more line, the voiced consonants, compared to the voiceless, a close form. In the n-dimensional representation, the two-dimensional letters are laid on the surfaces of an n-dimensional cube. Since no two unequal letters can be transformed by rotation into another, they are always good to recognise.

Plosives contain a v, nasals a point, trills consist of a circle with a horizontal bar at the top, taps/flaps have additionally a horizontal bar at the bottom, lateral fricatives contain an E, whose upper and lower end point to the middle crossbar, approximants can be identified by two parallel lines and lateral approximants consist at least of a circle, from which two bars diverge.

Load Fonto.ttf into your font directory to see all characters properly!

Digits: 0 (0), 1 (1), 2 (2), 3 (3), 4 (4), 5 (5), 6 (6), 7 (7), 8 (8), 9 (9)


Opening Location Roundness Unicode IPA Alt ISO Fonto
close front unrounded U+0069 i Alt+0105 i i
close front rounded U+0079 y Alt+0121 y y
close central unrounded U+0268 ɨ Alt+0073 I I
close central rounded U+0289 ʉ Alt+0089 Y Y
close back unrounded U+026F ɯ Alt+0085 U U
close back rounded U+0075 u Alt+0117 u u
near-close near-front unrounded U+026A ɪ Alt+0239 ï ï
near-close near-front rounded U+028F ʏ Alt+0207 Ï Ï
near-close near-back rounded U+028A ʊ Alt+0216 Ø Ø
close-mid front unrounded U+0065 e Alt+0101 e e
close-mid front rounded U+00F8 ø Alt+0248 ø ø
close-mid central unrounded U+0258 ɘ Alt+0069 E E
close-mid central rounded U+0275 ɵ Alt+0244 ô ô
close-mid back unrounded U+0264 ɤ Alt+0079 O O
close-mid back rounded U+006F o Alt+0111 o o
mid central U+0259 ə Alt+0212 Ô Ô
open-mid front unrounded U+025B ɛ Alt+0232 è è
open-mid front rounded U+0153 œ Alt+0246 ö ö
open-mid central unrounded U+025C ɜ Alt+0200 È È
open-mid central rounded U+025E ɞ Alt+0214 Ö Ö
open-mid back unrounded U+028C ʌ Alt+0193 Á Á
open-mid back rounded U+0254 ɔ Alt+0225 á á
near-open front unrounded U+00E6 æ Alt+0230 æ æ
near-open central U+0250 ɐ Alt+0198 Æ Æ
open front unrounded U+0061 a Alt+0097 a a
open front rounded U+0276 ɶ Alt+0224 à à
open back unrounded U+0251 ɑ Alt+0065 A A
open back rounded U+0252 ɒ Alt+0192 À À


Manner Place Voice Unicode IPA Alt ISO Fonto
Plosive bilabial voiceless U+0070 p Alt+0112 p p
Plosive bilabial voiced U+0062 b Alt+0080 P P
Plosive alveolar voiceless U+0074 t Alt+0116 t t
Plosive alveolar voiced U+0064 d Alt+0084 T T
Plosive retroflex voiceless U+0288 ʈ Alt+0100 d d
Plosive retroflex voiced U+0256 ɖ Alt+0068 D D
Plosive palatal voiceless U+0063 c Alt+0099 c c
Plosive palatal voiced U+025F ɟ Alt+0067 C C
Plosive velar voiceless U+006B k Alt+0107 k k
Plosive velar voiced U+0067 g Alt+0075 K K
Plosive uvular voiceless U+0071 q Alt+0113 q q
Plosive uvular voiced U+0262 ɢ Alt+0081 Q Q
Plosive glottal voiceless U+0294 ʔ Alt+0202 Ê Ê
Nasal bilabial voiced U+006D m Alt+0109 m m
Nasal labiodental voiced U+0271 ɱ Alt+0077 M M
Nasal alveolar voiced U+006E n Alt+0110 n n
Nasal retroflex voiced U+0273 ɳ Alt+0241 ñ ñ
Nasal palatal voiced U+0272 ɲ Alt+0209 Ñ Ñ
Nasal velar voiced U+014B ŋ Alt+0078 N N
Nasal uvular voiced U+0274 ɴ Alt+0234 ê ê
Trill bilabial voiced U+0299 ʙ Alt+0062 b b
Trill alveolar voiced U+0072 r Alt+0114 r r
Trill uvular voiced U+0280 ʀ Alt+0082 R R
Tap/Flap labiodental voiced U+? ? Alt+0223 ß ß
Tap/Flap alveolar voiced U+027E ɾ Alt+0226 â â
Tap/Flap retroflex voiced U+027D ɽ Alt+0194 Â Â
Fricative bilabial voiceless U+0278 ɸ Alt+0118 v v
Fricative bilabial voiced U+03B2 β Alt+0086 V V
Fricative labiodental voiceless U+0066 f Alt+0102 f f
Fricative labiodental voiced U+0076 v Alt+0070 F F
Fricative dental voiceless U+03B8 θ Alt+0103 g g
Fricative dental voiced U+00F0 ð Alt+0071 G G
Fricative alveolar voiceless U+0073 s Alt+0115 s s
Fricative alveolar voiced U+007A z Alt+0083 S S
Fricative postalveolar voiceless U+0283 ʃ Alt+0122 z z
Fricative postalveolar voiced U+0292 ʒ Alt+0090 Z Z
Frikativ retroflex stimmlos U+0282 ʂ Alt+0252 ü ü
Frikativ retroflex stimmhaft U+0290 ʐ Alt+0220 Ü Ü
Fricative palatal voiceless U+00E7 ç Alt+0231 ç ç
Fricative palatal voiced U+029D ʝ Alt+0074 J J
Fricative velar voiceless U+0078 x Alt+0120 x x
Fricative velar voiced U+0263 ɣ Alt+0088 X X
Fricative uvular voiceless U+03C7 χ Alt+0243 ó ó
Fricative uvular voiced U+0281 ʁ Alt+0211 Ó Ó
Fricative pharyngeal voiceless U+0127 ħ Alt+0240 ð ð
Fricative pharyngeal voiced U+0295 ʕ Alt+0208 Ð Ð
Fricative glottal voiceless U+0068 h Alt+0104 h h
Fricative glottal voiced U+0266 ɦ Alt+0072 H H
Lateral Fricative alveolar voiceless U+026C ɬ Alt+0238 î î
Lateral Fricative alveolar voiced U+026E ɮ Alt+0206 Î Î
Approximant labiodental voiced U+028B ʋ Alt+0245 õ õ
Approximant alveolar voiced U+0279 ɹ Alt+0213 Õ Õ
Approximant retroflex voiced U+027B ɻ Alt+0199 Ç Ç
Approximant palatal voiced U+006A j Alt+0106 j j
Approximant velar voiced U+0270 ɰ Alt+0066 B B
Lateral Approx. alveolar voiced U+006C l Alt+0108 l l
Lateral Approx. retroflex voiced U+026D ɭ Alt+0076 L L
Lateral Approx. palatal voiced U+028E ʎ Alt+0227 ã ã
Lateral Approx. velar voiced U+029F ʟ Alt+0195 Ã Ã
Klick bilabial non-pulm. U+0298 ʘ Alt+0210 Ò Ò
Klick dental non-pulm. U+01C0 ǀ Alt+0253 ý ý
Klick (post)alveolar non-pulm. U+01C3 ǃ Alt+0221 Ý Ý
Klick palatoalveolar non-pulm. U+01C2 ǂ Alt+0254 þ þ
Klick alveolar lateral non-pulm. U+01C1 ǁ Alt+0222 Þ Þ
Implosive bilabial voiced U+0253 ɓ Alt+0237 í í
Implosive dental/alveolar voiced U+0257 ɗ Alt+0205 Í Í
Implosive palatal voiced U+0284 ʄ Alt+0236 ì ì
Implosive velar voiced U+0260 ɠ Alt+0204 Ì Ì
Implosive uvular voiced U+029B ʛ Alt+0242 ò ò

Other symbols:

Manner Place Voice Unicode IPA Alt ISO Fonto
Fricative labiovelar voiceless U+028D ʍ Alt+0119 w w
Approximant labiovelar voiced U+0077 w Alt+0087 W W
Approximant labiopalatal voiced U+0265 ɥ Alt+0203 Ë Ë
Fricative epiglottal voiceless U+029C ʜ Alt+0235 ë ë
Fricative epiglottal voiced U+02A2 ʢ Alt+0233 é é
Plosive epiglottal voiceless U+02A1 ʡ Alt+0201 É É
Fricative alveolopalatal voiceless U+0255 ɕ Alt+0228 ä ä
Fricative alveolopalatal voiced U+0291 ʑ Alt+0196 Ä Ä
Flap lateral alveolar voiced U+027A ɺ Alt+0229 å å
Fricative velopalatal voiceless U+0267 ɧ Alt+0197 Å Å

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