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Single search terms entered must all occur on a website to lead to a hit. Please surround expressions with double quotes ("), (is not necessary, if a - precedes, for search terms that shall not occur, or a +, for search terms, of that at least one shall occur). If at least one expression was entered, single search terms must also be surrounded with double quotes to create a correct input. For a search for expressions in double quotes, please surround each expression twice with double quotes, except after + or - (then once), (e.g. ""algebraic"").

One search term or expression must be entered at least. Each search term or expression must include at least three characters without double quotes. Instead of < or >, please enter &lt; or &gt;! The order is given by the following example: "Transcendent numbers" "algebraic" -persons +real +complex. Here every whitespace to separate is replaced by one blank. Upper and lower case letters are not distinguished. All occurrences of search terms or expressions are counted that are not preceded by a - or +.

Please enter regular expressions as regexp('...') or regexp("...") (e.g. regexp("=Boris Haase=")). The matches will be counted as requested. All hits will be highlighted that correspond to the first hit on each page found, where upper and lower case letters are not distinguished again. The three-character limit and all other restrictions do not apply here.

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