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What is the aim of this homepage?

This homepage is result of my independent considerations in informatics, linguistics, mathematics, music, philosophy, physics, politics and religion. The ideas come almost assumedly from L, what I reciprocated extraordinarily thankfully with different actions. The attained thoughts and results of research shall address a circle as wide as possible. The individual web pages are mostly rather skimped.

Citations from other resources are widely missing. If an essential consideration should have existed before this publication, I will insert corresponding citations according to a message to me. But a bibliography is specified that includes almost completely literature in my possession, in order to reveal resources helpful for understanding and to offer opportunities for additional information.

The informatics part shows how variants of radix sort can be executed in two or more steps by appropriate storage support. It follows the sorting procedure bitsort as well as fast searching and indexing. Knowledge of informatics studies is helpful. Radio computing enables, by simultaneous radioing on different frequencies, parallel computing through parallel intercellular communication.

Programming with Stair presents a programming concept for development environments enabling source codes to be converted into those of other programming languages, or rule-based into freely chosen notations. Internet and Co outlines what role the internet could play in the future, for what the multifunction device strap could serve and what could hold for transport and machines.

Below linguistics, a binary font is presented that goes without keyboard. Furthermore, the corresponding planned language Lango is outlined and the font Fonto for the International Phonetic Alphabet is presented. The ambisexual grammar for English and German is elucidated below ambisexuality. The language of science shows a linguistically correct and future-oriented expression of scientific results.

Mathematics treats Euclidean geometry, equitable distributing, nonstandard analysis, linear programming, infinite sets, topology, number theory and computation of time. The set theory clarifies how many elements important (in)finite sets have. The nonstandard analysis offers new definitions and (revised) theorems to obtain more precise and better mathematical statements.

It solves the measure problem. In topology, the (simple) connectedness of sets redefined. The Euclidean geometry challenges several axioms and theorems. Linear programming proves the diameter theorem for polytopes and confronts the simplex method including a new perturbation method with the polynomial intex method. The advice includes results from my mathematical experience.

The number theory specifies necessary and sufficient criteria as well as new examples for transcendental numbers. It deals with Littlewood conjecture and generalised Riemann hypothesis. The computation of time presents a calendar based on the octal system and gives examples for its application to length specifications. Some knowledge of mathematics studies is required to understand several coherencies.

The music can be found on https://en.boris-haase.de/mus.

The philosophy yields the beginning of the reference theory to describe the world. Then consciousness and its important content are explained. The interview describes my fascination of philosophy. The problem solutions treat important philosophical problems. The warning warns mankind of the future. The knowledge representation uses special informatical-mathematical methods and the substance term.

Physics considers theoretically or experimentally two models of the universe and, in the context of youth research 1983, the period times of selected oscillations of mass points in the plane, for which approximation formulas are specified on the basis of radius of curvature, initial height and backwards pushing force, without integration. To understand, a study of mathematics or physics is helpful.

Concerning the issues politics and religion see the e-book Relil - Religion und Lebensweg. Religion describes the true character of the gods. The lectures clarify the meaning of L, the relationship with L and the reference theory by the form of speech. The sitemap contains also a revisional history; the definitions and the glossary list only terms that are new or are used differently than usual. And now much pleasure with my homepage!

(It does not depend on the pictures and animations: Peace shall emanate from the texts.)

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