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Version 6.8 of 02.07.2019: Publishing the seventh edition of "Nonstandard Mathematics".

Introduction (revised: 05.09.2019)
What is the aim of this homepage?

Informatics (revised: 05.09.2019)
Radio computing, internet and co, programming with Stair and theoretical informatics

Linguistics (revised: 09.04.2011)
Binary Font, font Fonto, ambisexuality, planned language Lango and language of science

Mathematics (revised: 05.04.2019)
Euclidean geometry, equitable distributing, linear programming, set theory, nonstandard analysis, advice, topology, number theory and computation of time

Music (revised: 01.10.2013)
Music on https://en.boris-haase.de/mus

Philosophy (revised: 10.06.2019)
Consciousness, reference theory, interview, completionalism, problem solutions, warning and knowledge representation

Physics (revised: 08.06.2019)
Oscillations and universe

Politics (revised: 05.01.2013)
The politics of the religion of love are described in the e-book Relil - Religion und Lebensweg and on www.relil.de

Religion (revised: 21.04.2014)
The contents of the religion of love are described in the e-book Relil - Religion und Lebensweg and on www.relil.de

Lectures (revised: 11.01.2013)
Clarification of single topics by the form of speech

About me (revised: 31.12.2019)
Boris Haase

Bibliography (revised: 06.01.2020)
Books used

Subject Catalogue (revised: 05.09.2019)
Central terms

Definitions and Glossary (revised: 13.02.2011)
Terms used differently

Revisional history:

05.09.2019: Complete informatics revised as well as sorting and searching renamed theoretical informatics. #80
10.06.2019: Completionalism inserted. #79
08.06.2019: Universe revised. #78
05.04.2019: Topology extended. #77
09.03.2019: Pages migrated to MathJax.
11.02.2019: Linear programming improved. #76
10.11.2018: Set theory completed. #75
23.10.2018: Representations renamed advice and revised. #74
14.07.2018: Linear programming improved. #73
07.03.2018: Nonstandard analysis completed. #72

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